HouseParty is now just 4 days away!

Check out this superb Deep Tech mix from Vinyl Richy.

You can catch him from around 11pm on Saturday 22nd June at the New Cross Inn.


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PubDub is one of those nights where you can never remember the details of what happened but you always go back because you know you had a good night. I have put off going to the event for such a long time, I’m not that big on my Dubstep, I prefer House, and as the name PubDub suggests it’s a Dupstep night right?

A couple of Saturdays ago after watching my football team lose at Wembley (I didn’t care about the result, I had a great outing that included all day drinking and singing which resulted in me losing my voice) I found myself stumbling around New Cross so far gone I didn’t care what music I was listening to as long as I could have a dance.

Being dragged to the Inn by a few Dubstep loving friends I was greeted by a combination or green lasers, an MC I couldn’t understand or see and some filthy Drum and Bass pounding out the PA system. This wasn’t a Dubstep night, not all of it anyway. I had fallen into New Cross’ very own Drum’n’Bass rave cave!

Absolutely everyone inside had their hands in the air some standing on the stage swinging their arms around in anticipation for the next drop, not one body was still for as long as I was inside, each one skanking in time to the bass popping out of the speakers. This is where the night in my head ended. I don’t remember what I was drinking, I don’t remember leaving, I don’t even remember speaking to anyone but I am definitely going back next month. Big up the PubDub crew, you guys can throw one hell of a party.

Check when the next event’s happening here – tell them The New Cross Crawler sent you

The Inn is the perfect place for a dance music night, if only someone would throw a night there that played House music instead of D’n’B / Dubstep.

That gives me an idea………..

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Back Once Again For The Renegade Master


We have been away in a cold dark room for the past five months doing nothing but drinking warm scrumpy and eating frozen chips straight from the bag so we didn’t really have the time or enthusiasm to post. That and I found some other things to occupy my mind (mainly working)

Auld Uncle Crawler was found; wearing a sexy police woman’s outfit, embracing 3 foreign exchange students, screaming “I’M FRATERNIZING WITH THE ENEMY!” behind the cow bins on New Cross Road shortly after his last review. He has no idea what happened but went home to a letter from a solicitor informing him he is being charged with the following:

Disturbing the Peace

Public Intoxication


Breaking and Entering






Impersonating a Police Officer

and Cyber Bullying

He has decided to represent himself in court.

Unless I apologize for pressing the above charges he vows never to write on the NCC again.

I do plan on getting the gig guide up to date as well as posting more inane drivel on here for you to ignore in the next week or so.

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South London Tube Map

Ever wondered what a London Tube Map flipped upside down and placed over South London would look like?


Well now you don’t have to. Check it.

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Fancy buying a pub?


The New Cross Inn is up for sale. Christie + Co have been instructed to obtain bids for the pub / live music venue on New Cross Road with a price tag of £1,200,000!

The press release says “The investment is split into two distinct businesses and has recently undergone an overhaul with capital expenditure of £80,000. There is a ground floor and basement, a live music bar with a 10-year free-of-tie lease and a current rental income of £36,000. The upper floors are presently operated as a hostel with 80 beds, a 10-year lease and a rental income of £60,000.”

I can only hope whoever ends up buying it keeps it running as a pub and venue, and it doesn’t fall in to the hands of Tesco’s.

If anyone is interested I’ll be willing to chip a bit for it – I can only afford about £20 though, its getting pretty close to Christmas.


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Save Lewisham A&E

A government appointed technocrat (Trust Special Administrator) has recommended closing Lewisham’s children’s wards, critical care unit and emergency surgery to pay massive debts at neighbouring hospitals. He wants to shut Lewisham Hospital A&E and replace it with a non-admitting Urgent Care Centre. Maternity services could be lost too, and half the hospital sold for £17million. He has also proposed a decimation of services throughout South East London, with massive job losses, privatisation and sell-offs.


In July, Tory Health Minister Andrew Lansley MP hand-picked a ‘special administrator’ to take over South London Healthcare Trust.  The administrator, Matthew Kershaw, has completed a draft report that recommends Lewisham Hospital close their A&E.  And their children’s wards, critical care, emergency and complex surgery units, and perhaps the maternity services.  He then wants to sell off Lewisham Hospital’s empty buildings for £17million, only £5million less than this year’s A&E refurb. Lewisham Hospital is not part of South London Healthcare, where the administrator was appointed.

The administrator believes closing Lewisham A&E will force patients through the doors of the heavily indebted Queen Elizabeth Hospital, thus increasing its income. However, this trick has already been performed once, when Queen Mary’s Sidcup A&E was closed 2 years ago, and currently up to 1 in 5 patients wait over 4 hours for treatment in Queen Elizabeth A&E. It will overwhelm the indebted Queen Elizabeth Hospital, at a time when the administrator also recommends it makes £100million of further cuts.

Lewisham residents, MPs, the mayor and hospital workers across both trusts have come together to support a campaign group to oppose the recommendations- Save Lewisham A&E. Lewisham residents don’t want to be punished for the political failures of recent years and they feel the administrator process has been abused to attack the NHS- which is why the administrator exceeded his jurisdiction at South London Healthcare and swung the axe at nearby Lewisham.

If the newly-refurbished Lewisham A&E closes, the boroughs of Lewisham, Greenwich and Bexley (population 750,000) will have 1 accident and emergency to share.

South London Healthcare has inherited immense debts caused by political mismanagement- unaffordable bank loans were taken out at the same time rules were introduced to ban the NHS distributing money from profitable areas to those that were in need. So, despite excellent rates of infection and low mortality, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Queen Mary’s, Sidcup, Princess Royal, Farnborough and Orpington Hospital were deemed failures.

The NHS is now structured so that individual trusts cannot receive surplus money from other areas, but when it comes to savage cuts, the opposite applies.  The government is using semantic arguments about why £4billion pounds of NHS cash reserves can’t be used and why Lewisham A&E should close.  The fact is, if you have a road accident on the South Circular, Jeremy Hunt is happy to risk that you could die on your way to hospital so that he can repay the banks without using NHS reserves.  Indeed, the Treasury has taken back £1billion from the NHS, punishing it for savings made in the last few years.

The recommendation to close Lewisham A&E is part of an ideological assault on the NHS. The administrator’s plans to make cuts and close local competitors is designed to make South London’s services more attractive to private healthcare. Although some NHS Trusts have expressed an interest in running South London’s services, so have many private companies.  The tendering process will be overseen by Jeremy Hunt, not the administrator.  It is likely to be focused on cost and servicing the debt, rather than quality. So although headlines are focused on local trusts, private health companies are at an advantage when they compete on cost, because they don’t bear the costs of A&E’s, intensive care, or training medical professionals.

Do not be fooled into thinking any of our A&Es have to close for the sake of patients, it is being done to attack our NHS.  Lewisham Healthcare runs a successful hospital, which could die a slow death if the administrator’s plans are taken up.

A public meeting set up by a group of campaigners is taking place at the hospital tonight at 6pm to discuss what can be done to prevent this from happening.

If you are available please get down there and help build as big a campaign as possible.


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The Big Draw at Goldsmiths

As part the national Big Draw campaign, families are invited to take part in ‘Outlines: The Big Draw at Goldsmiths’ led by PGCE Art & Design and BA (Hons) Education, Culture & Society students on Saturday 27 October from 11am – 4pm.

This year’s event promises to build on last year’s success, which saw children explore a treasure island as well as help ‘shipwrecked’ PGCE students make rafts and build shelters. Other activities included mapping their journey around the hall with poetry and stories – getting their passport stamped as they went – and helping to create an exciting new civilisation out of cardboard boxes.

The free annual family event – which is ideal for children aged 3 to 13 years old – has continued to grow in popularity since Goldsmiths hosted its first Big Draw in 2006, winning several Campaign For Drawing awards along the way.

One parent who visited the 2011 event said: “It was amazing – my little one loved it, thank you so much! The hall was incredible – like going into another world. There are a lot of very talented students at Goldsmiths”

Please visit for more information or if you have any questions, please contact Peter Austin on 020 7919 7909 or

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Winter is coming…

So we haven’t posted anything recently both myself and Auld Uncle Crawler have been very busy with work, Uni, Fifa, girls etc. but we have managed to keep the listings page as up to date as possible which is nice.

Its getting darker earlier, too cold to get out of bed in the mornings and someone on my road constantly has their wood burner on to make it feel like I’m walking through a campsite every evening. This can only mean one thing, winter is coming. I like winter, apart from summer holidays all of the best things happen in winter: Christmas, New Years, the majority of the football season, Bonfire Night, pub roasts by a fire, the majority of the football season and this year we have the end of the world to look forward to so bonus for us!

It all kicks off, this weekend with Halloween, I’m not a big fan of the holiday itself (is it a holiday?) I am a fan of the dressing up part though. Personally I’ll just throw on a jump suit with some aviators and say I’m Top Gun to anyone who asks; but It’s the girls that do it for me, Halloween brings out the vamp in them and its fucking great! So here’s a little of what’s going on, on your doorstep this weekend.

On Friday there’s the Toejam Halloween Trick or Treat with live music from Wild Flowers, Battle of You, Howling Circus and others. Best fancy dress wins as well as £3 Jäger bombs, £1 sidekicks and 20% off all drinks before 8pm. Bargain. As well as Toejam the guys at the Amersham will be throwing their normal Whip It shindig (no doubt Halloween themed)

Saturday at the New Cross Inn is for the punks, a benefit gig for repairs and restoration of the ScumFest PA system to be used for future DIY events. Facebook page here

I suggest looking out for the Venue lot that descend this weekend, it should be an interesting sight. If you are intrigued by going into the place, this weekend and next would be the best time to go, you won’t feel that out of place if you are in enough fancy dress and you’ll still get that ‘Venue’ experience. If you just want to observe the Marquis is the best place for it.

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Good Morning,

If it’s your bag, there’s a couple of exciting spoken word events at The Albany this weekend. Tonight there’s Chill Pill, a regular poetry night, featuring Soweto Kinch. You can buy tickets here:

Whilst tomorrow and Saturday there’s ‘Brand New Ancients’, a new show by Kate Tempest about ‘everyday Gods’. If you’ve never seen Kate perform before I wholeheartedly recommend you go see her. She is a seriously impressive performer; she dominates a stage. You can find out more and buy tickets here:

Also this Friday are various freshers nights, including at the New Cross Inn, with free entry for students/£3 otherwise; and at the Bussey Building, with secret headliner, free before 11.30/£3 after with student card/£5 otherwise

Finally today, the East London Line extension to Clapham Junction from Surrey Quays has been confirmed to open on December 9th. Trains will go via Peckham Rye, Denmark Hill and Clapham High Street. There’s a bit more in bland PR form on the TfL website:

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