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HouseParty is now just 4 days away!

Check out this superb Deep Tech mix from Vinyl Richy.

You can catch him from around 11pm on Saturday 22nd June at the New Cross Inn.

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PubDub is one of those nights where you can never remember the details of what happened but you always go back because you know you had a good night. I have put off going to the event for such a long time, I’m not that big on my Dubstep, I prefer House, and as the name PubDub suggests it’s a Dupstep night right?

A couple of Saturdays ago after watching my football team lose at Wembley (I didn’t care about the result, I had a great outing that included all day drinking and singing which resulted in me losing my voice) I found myself stumbling around New Cross so far gone I didn’t care what music I was listening to as long as I could have a dance.

Being dragged to the Inn by a few Dubstep loving friends I was greeted by a combination or green lasers, an MC I couldn’t understand or see and some filthy Drum and Bass pounding out the PA system. This wasn’t a Dubstep night, not all of it anyway. I had fallen into New Cross’ very own Drum’n’Bass rave cave!

Absolutely everyone inside had their hands in the air some standing on the stage swinging their arms around in anticipation for the next drop, not one body was still for as long as I was inside, each one skanking in time to the bass popping out of the speakers. This is where the night in my head ended. I don’t remember what I was drinking, I don’t remember leaving, I don’t even remember speaking to anyone but I am definitely going back next month. Big up the PubDub crew, you guys can throw one hell of a party.

Check when the next event’s happening here – tell them The New Cross Crawler sent you

The Inn is the perfect place for a dance music night, if only someone would throw a night there that played House music instead of D’n’B / Dubstep.

That gives me an idea………..

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Winter is coming…

So we haven’t posted anything recently both myself and Auld Uncle Crawler have been very busy with work, Uni, Fifa, girls etc. but we have managed to keep the listings page as up to date as possible which is nice.

Its getting darker earlier, too cold to get out of bed in the mornings and someone on my road constantly has their wood burner on to make it feel like I’m walking through a campsite every evening. This can only mean one thing, winter is coming. I like winter, apart from summer holidays all of the best things happen in winter: Christmas, New Years, the majority of the football season, Bonfire Night, pub roasts by a fire, the majority of the football season and this year we have the end of the world to look forward to so bonus for us!

It all kicks off, this weekend with Halloween, I’m not a big fan of the holiday itself (is it a holiday?) I am a fan of the dressing up part though. Personally I’ll just throw on a jump suit with some aviators and say I’m Top Gun to anyone who asks; but It’s the girls that do it for me, Halloween brings out the vamp in them and its fucking great! So here’s a little of what’s going on, on your doorstep this weekend.

On Friday there’s the Toejam Halloween Trick or Treat with live music from Wild Flowers, Battle of You, Howling Circus and others. Best fancy dress wins as well as £3 Jäger bombs, £1 sidekicks and 20% off all drinks before 8pm. Bargain. As well as Toejam the guys at the Amersham will be throwing their normal Whip It shindig (no doubt Halloween themed)

Saturday at the New Cross Inn is for the punks, a benefit gig for repairs and restoration of the ScumFest PA system to be used for future DIY events. Facebook page here

I suggest looking out for the Venue lot that descend this weekend, it should be an interesting sight. If you are intrigued by going into the place, this weekend and next would be the best time to go, you won’t feel that out of place if you are in enough fancy dress and you’ll still get that ‘Venue’ experience. If you just want to observe the Marquis is the best place for it.

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Sound System Social Club


Aside from all the freshers fun and games, tomorrow at The Albany Theatre is a night celebrating three generations of UK reggae sound systems . Including one of the UK’s oldest and bestest: King Tubby’s Hi-Fi.

Host for the evening is the one and only, the legendary Mr. Don Letts. This is going to be a serious night. You can buy tickets here

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Freshers Week part 1

Freshers’ Week has finally arrived and we will are here to bring you the ultimate guide to what’s going on. Each day we will let you know where the parties are in and around New Cross so you don’t miss a thing.

Saturday September 22nd

Most freshers will be arriving throughout the day unloading their boxes into the halls lining the big bad streets around New Cross. No doubt most of you will be wanting to start partying as soon as your parents have departed back down the A2 and your SU along with the various pubs around New Cross have some great things lined up. Goldsmiths SU bar The Stretch will be open throughout the week from 12pm with Wii and Xbox games on the big screens along with giant versions of classic board games for you to settle in and meet your fellow freshers.

At 7pm The Stretch are putting on an Inter Halls Championships, like the Masters but with less golf. I can only imagine lots of drinking games to get you in the party mood. Also at 7pm The Cinema will be showing Howls Moving Castle (great film) for those that want a booze free, chilled out evening.

New-X-ing have a stage outside the Library which you should check out. Some live music and a little speech from the Mayor of Lewisham.

Fresh Prints are returning to The Amersham Arms down by New Cross station for a night of Hip Hop / Indie / 90s / Disco / Pop. You will be spending a lot of your time in this place and this is the perfect night to check it out.

If Punk music is more your thing the New Cross Inn have teamed up with Polite Riot from Glasgow to bring you Fire Exit & guests. Advance tickets are £5 in advance or £7.50 on the door.

There is talk of a few hall’s parties but I imagine they will be shut down pretty quickly. My advice is to get out of your halls and have a wander, you will definitely find something fun to do. We’ll be out and about watching the whole boozy mess unfold, come and say hello!

One other thing to mention, Millwall FC have a home game against Brighton, KO at 3pm, its expected to be quite a busy one with Brighton selling nearly 3000 tickets! New Cross can get pretty rowdy before and especially after the match, The Marquis and Hob can get pretty busy, but don’t let this put you off going out. If you are already moved in and stuck for something to do during the day, why not get down to The Den to see what it’s all about. They are your local team now after all.

Check back tomorrow for part 2.

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Something For The Weekend


If you’re looking for something round these here parts on Saturday night, then South are launching their new night at the Peckham Palais at the top of Rye Lane. There are still tickets available, and there will also be a limited amount on the door. You can buy here:

Also on Saturday, Vanishing Point are hosting one of their immersive cinema screenings at Utrophia on Deptford High Street, which has been kitted out as a space freighter for the night. Showing is the cult 1972 SF movie ‘Silent Running’.  You can find out more on their website:,YGNV,6CBD9N,2VP1R,1

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Pass the Dutchie pon de left hand side

Best remembered for their successful 1982 single “Pass the Dutchie”, which became a number 1 hit across the world, Grammy Award nominees Musical Youth will host an intimate but no doubt packed show at the New Cross Inn this Saturday 8th of September. We are very excited for this one, especially after missing them at London Pleasure Gardens a few months back.

Support from the awesome ChainSka Brassika as well as One Jah plus 20% off drinks until 8pm means this will be a very special night. Facebook event here

Tickets are £10 in advance an can be purchased here otherwise its £15 on the door. Its worth getting them in advance just to save disappointment plus you could go halves on a 10 bit for the show with your savings*

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Picks of the Week

Reading and Leeds Festivals start this week and I for one am quite sad I’ll be missing out this year but who needs drunk girls dancing to the Black Keys in their underwear when you can head out into SE14 and have just as much messy fun without the £250 price tag?

So if you are thinking of heading to Reading on the off chance you can sneak in or pick up a cheap ticket from some scummy tout, don’t. Here are our top 3 places to be this week.

First up on Thursday the 23rd the guys up at The Hill Station Cafe on Telegraph Hill are screening Jan Svankmajer’s Alice. Drop in for a bite of whatever is on the menu, its all superb, cooked up by master chefs Ian and Niaomh, grab a beer and prepare to take a peek through this crazy Czech man’s looking glass. It’ll be a good start to what ultimately will be a very long bank holiday weekend.

Alice will also be featuring at The New Cross Inn this Saturday the 25th at No Direction, a psychedelic club night featuring Oscar Suave, Deadcoast, Sunlight Service Group, Plan 9 & Looking Glass Alice. This is sure to be a cracking night playing a mix of Psych and Garage throughout the night. Plus its only £3! Bargain!!

Finally on Sunday the 26th TOEJAM presents What Happened to the Roof at the Bussey Building in Peckham. After the success from their on-going monthly slot at the New Cross Inn the Toejam lot have decided to take it one step further with a huge party on the roof of the Bussey Building. Boasting a line-up that includes New Cross favourites My Tiger My Timing, Edit/Select, Rivieras, a host of other great acts and of course some incredible DJ’s to keep you dancing late into the night. Tickets are only £3 in advance, get them here. Doors at 6:30pm. See you there.

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Our Gig Listings page is here!

You can now find out whats going on at the many different venues in the area by clicking here or heading up to the ‘Listings’ tab at the top of the page.

We will be adding more dates over the next couple of days then the page will be updated weekly. Of course we’ll let you know of any must go to events that are approaching so make sure you keep checking back.

If you would like your event listed get in touch via the contact form here

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