PubDub is one of those nights where you can never remember the details of what happened but you always go back because you know you had a good night. I have put off going to the event for such a long time, I’m not that big on my Dubstep, I prefer House, and as the name PubDub suggests it’s a Dupstep night right?

A couple of Saturdays ago after watching my football team lose at Wembley (I didn’t care about the result, I had a great outing that included all day drinking and singing which resulted in me losing my voice) I found myself stumbling around New Cross so far gone I didn’t care what music I was listening to as long as I could have a dance.

Being dragged to the Inn by a few Dubstep loving friends I was greeted by a combination or green lasers, an MC I couldn’t understand or see and some filthy Drum and Bass pounding out the PA system. This wasn’t a Dubstep night, not all of it anyway. I had fallen into New Cross’ very own Drum’n’Bass rave cave!

Absolutely everyone inside had their hands in the air some standing on the stage swinging their arms around in anticipation for the next drop, not one body was still for as long as I was inside, each one skanking in time to the bass popping out of the speakers. This is where the night in my head ended. I don’t remember what I was drinking, I don’t remember leaving, I don’t even remember speaking to anyone but I am definitely going back next month. Big up the PubDub crew, you guys can throw one hell of a party.

Check when the next event’s happening here – tell them The New Cross Crawler sent you

The Inn is the perfect place for a dance music night, if only someone would throw a night there that played House music instead of D’n’B / Dubstep.

That gives me an idea………..

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