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HouseParty is now just 4 days away!

Check out this superb Deep Tech mix from Vinyl Richy.

You can catch him from around 11pm on Saturday 22nd June at the New Cross Inn.

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by | June 18, 2013 · 10:28 am

Back Once Again For The Renegade Master


We have been away in a cold dark room for the past five months doing nothing but drinking warm scrumpy and eating frozen chips straight from the bag so we didn’t really have the time or enthusiasm to post. That and I found some other things to occupy my mind (mainly working)

Auld Uncle Crawler was found; wearing a sexy police woman’s outfit, embracing 3 foreign exchange students, screaming “I’M FRATERNIZING WITH THE ENEMY!” behind the cow bins on New Cross Road shortly after his last review. He has no idea what happened but went home to a letter from a solicitor informing him he is being charged with the following:

Disturbing the Peace

Public Intoxication


Breaking and Entering






Impersonating a Police Officer

and Cyber Bullying

He has decided to represent himself in court.

Unless I apologize for pressing the above charges he vows never to write on the NCC again.

I do plan on getting the gig guide up to date as well as posting more inane drivel on here for you to ignore in the next week or so.

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by | April 23, 2013 · 3:00 pm

South London Tube Map

Ever wondered what a London Tube Map flipped upside down and placed over South London would look like?


Well now you don’t have to. Check it.

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The Big Draw at Goldsmiths

As part the national Big Draw campaign, families are invited to take part in ‘Outlines: The Big Draw at Goldsmiths’ led by PGCE Art & Design and BA (Hons) Education, Culture & Society students on Saturday 27 October from 11am – 4pm.

This year’s event promises to build on last year’s success, which saw children explore a treasure island as well as help ‘shipwrecked’ PGCE students make rafts and build shelters. Other activities included mapping their journey around the hall with poetry and stories – getting their passport stamped as they went – and helping to create an exciting new civilisation out of cardboard boxes.

The free annual family event – which is ideal for children aged 3 to 13 years old – has continued to grow in popularity since Goldsmiths hosted its first Big Draw in 2006, winning several Campaign For Drawing awards along the way.

One parent who visited the 2011 event said: “It was amazing – my little one loved it, thank you so much! The hall was incredible – like going into another world. There are a lot of very talented students at Goldsmiths”

Please visit for more information or if you have any questions, please contact Peter Austin on 020 7919 7909 or

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Freshers Week part 1

Freshers’ Week has finally arrived and we will are here to bring you the ultimate guide to what’s going on. Each day we will let you know where the parties are in and around New Cross so you don’t miss a thing.

Saturday September 22nd

Most freshers will be arriving throughout the day unloading their boxes into the halls lining the big bad streets around New Cross. No doubt most of you will be wanting to start partying as soon as your parents have departed back down the A2 and your SU along with the various pubs around New Cross have some great things lined up. Goldsmiths SU bar The Stretch will be open throughout the week from 12pm with Wii and Xbox games on the big screens along with giant versions of classic board games for you to settle in and meet your fellow freshers.

At 7pm The Stretch are putting on an Inter Halls Championships, like the Masters but with less golf. I can only imagine lots of drinking games to get you in the party mood. Also at 7pm The Cinema will be showing Howls Moving Castle (great film) for those that want a booze free, chilled out evening.

New-X-ing have a stage outside the Library which you should check out. Some live music and a little speech from the Mayor of Lewisham.

Fresh Prints are returning to The Amersham Arms down by New Cross station for a night of Hip Hop / Indie / 90s / Disco / Pop. You will be spending a lot of your time in this place and this is the perfect night to check it out.

If Punk music is more your thing the New Cross Inn have teamed up with Polite Riot from Glasgow to bring you Fire Exit & guests. Advance tickets are £5 in advance or £7.50 on the door.

There is talk of a few hall’s parties but I imagine they will be shut down pretty quickly. My advice is to get out of your halls and have a wander, you will definitely find something fun to do. We’ll be out and about watching the whole boozy mess unfold, come and say hello!

One other thing to mention, Millwall FC have a home game against Brighton, KO at 3pm, its expected to be quite a busy one with Brighton selling nearly 3000 tickets! New Cross can get pretty rowdy before and especially after the match, The Marquis and Hob can get pretty busy, but don’t let this put you off going out. If you are already moved in and stuck for something to do during the day, why not get down to The Den to see what it’s all about. They are your local team now after all.

Check back tomorrow for part 2.

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So on our way to Deptford for a drink, a friend of mine popped into the Waldron Health Centre at the end of last month to pick up some condoms “extra-large” he tells me (I don’t believe him) “you always have to get an extra size up with NHS johnnys” he continues as he strolls, hood up, into the Centre. Auld Uncle Crawler and I wait in the ‘car park’ discussing what the council should do with the cracked tarmac space outside the practice, we come to the conclusion that one of those mini-Tesco will probably be built taking more money away from local shop owners, I’m confident a permanent late night bouncy castle is a much more sustainable business opportunity. After a bit of people watching ‘Mr Big’ bounces out of the building towards us smiling like he’s just managed to blag 10 quids worth of pick ‘n’ mix from Woolworths. We giggle like school boys at the 12 multi-coloured packs for a while, realise what we are doing and quickly depart for our booze crawl around Deptford.

Two weeks later our good friend ‘extra-large’ returns to the Waldron for some more “I have to top up for freshers week innit!” but on this occasion leaves empty handed. Apparently you can only get 12 free condoms a month from the NHS!? What in the actual fuck? So you can only practice safe sex 3 times a week, the other 4 days you’re cool to do as you please?

If you are single, sex 3 times a week means you are doing something right but 12 condoms isn’t really a lot is it? What about the odd posh one, or the nights where you decide to put one on your head and see how much you can blow it up.

If, for whatever reason, you do need more my advice is to ask your lady friends, girls can get a fuck load just for picking up the pill. If you don’t have any female companions and you’re one of those people that likes to keep thousands of them bulging out of that ‘special’ drawer next to your bed like some sort of weird sexual stamp collector then brag to all your friends about how much action you could get with them all, you can try the other clinics in the area. Links below:

Peckham Walk In

Metro Centre

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New Cross Inn Open Mic Night

It’s Tuesday which means it’s Open Mic Night tonight at the New Cross Inn.
Last week was a very busy one so get down there for 7pm to make sure you get on the list to play. Entry is absolutely FREE as always.

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New X-ing


NEW-X-ING is an ambitious independent programme aiming to integrate New Cross’s Community and Institutions. One of the first ideas of a street amphitheatre is being implemented with two weeks of performances coming up at the end of the summer.

Share the excitement of a street-stage offering free public performances from Sept 21 to Oct 6 2012.

Contributors range from Blue Grass to Experimental Sound-bending, Trinity Laban choreographic Interventions to children’s street-dance, from spoken poetry to political debate.

The area outside Goldsmiths Library (on Lewisham Way just by the main Goldsmiths building) is a natural gathering point which is easily visible to bus passengers, car drivers, pedestrians and students. For 16 days this autumn there will be the perfect excuse to sit on the steps and enjoy some local culture.

New X-ING Relay has been developed by Artmongers (Deptford X) and funded by Awards for All (part of the Big Lottery fund). The program is in partnership with Goldsmiths College and the London Borough of Lewisham as well as numerous community individuals and organisations.

The Relay is part of New X-ING – a program of creative interventions to shake new life into New Cross led by local artists and community activists Artmongers.

Visit for program information.

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Our Gig Listings page is here!

You can now find out whats going on at the many different venues in the area by clicking here or heading up to the ‘Listings’ tab at the top of the page.

We will be adding more dates over the next couple of days then the page will be updated weekly. Of course we’ll let you know of any must go to events that are approaching so make sure you keep checking back.

If you would like your event listed get in touch via the contact form here

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Deptford’s Three Sided Football Tournament

On Saturday 4th of August, as part of the awesome Deptford X festival, Fordham Park will play host its first full Three Sided Football Tournament hosted by the Deptford Three Sided Football Club (DTSFC)

The DTSFC have been hosting games every other Sunday since the beginning of the year and by the sounds of things have become well adept in the tactics and psychology of the game.

Three-sided football (3SF) is a variation of football with three teams playing on a hexagonal pitch with three goals, rather than keeping a record of how many goals you score you instead keep a tally of goals you concede, the winner is the determined by the team that concedes the least. Teams are allowed to forge and break alliances at will, something which I imagine adds a an explosive spark to what would ultimately be a very chaotic, defensive game of get the ball away from our goal. It sounds brilliant!

While I haven’t had a chance to see any of the clubs practice matches I will certainly be heading over to Fordham Park on the 4th to check the tournament out. You should too. KO at 11am

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